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Justin Lott is the CEO and founder of VarCity. He has a passion to help student-athletes connect to their community and access resources, provide pathways to become lifelong learners and critical thinkers. He is a proven innovator, entrepreneur, educator, connector & community builder. His experience as a versatile manager, recruiter, collaborator and coordinator benefits both domestic and foreign secondary, higher education and professional athletes. His contagious drive for success empowers student-athlete populations toward measurable institutional outcomes in equity and inclusivity. Through Justin’s successful leadership and communication, the VarCity platform empowers student-athletes to reach their full potential.


Prior to launching VarCity, Justin was a collegiate athlete who competed internationally after graduation. He transferred his talent into the coaching arena while serving as an academic advisor at the community college level. He earned an Associates of Arts degree from Treasure Valley Community College, a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Avila University, and a Masters in Business Management and Leadership from Liberty University.


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We are a community.
We are a team.

Everybody has unique traits that may set them apart from others. VarCity’s innovative and transactional platforms capitalizes on the strength of student-athletes and pairs them with the skills, talents, and qualities of our community partners. The relationships formed benefit both parties and contribute to the overall strengthening of our communities.

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