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A community of resources and training for student-athletes 

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VarCity provides educational, athletic, career and transfer pathways for
student-athletes to become life-long learners and critical thinkers.

Main Features:



The premier hub for members to connect, support, and interact throughout the athletic journey. Share your voice, join supportive networks, locate applicable resources, training, and more.



For student-athletes to find the programs and services that support their continued development, and reach even greater levels of achievement in sports and life.



The Pivot Training Program™ courses are designed for the development and life training of student-athletes – holistic, online training courses designed by professional contributors to support student-athletes before, during, and after their athletic career.



Seamlessly brings together employers and job seekers. Share your job opportunities with the community, or search employers looking for your skills, talents and qualities.


Be the one.

Pricing Packages


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Ideal for individual student-athletes competing in high school, community college or university

      • Customizable individual packages 
      • We’ll help you find the perfect solution for you 
      • Pivot Training badges & certificates


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Parents of student athletes in high school, community college or university

      • Customizable courses
      • Courses designed for parents of student-athletes 
      • Community and resources for parents


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Optimal for high school and club sports programs

      • Looking to engage your team on an off the court 
      • The perfect packages for your team 
      • Pivot Training badges & certificates 
      • Optimal for small to large sports clubs and high school programs


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Perfect for community college, small and large university athletic programs

      • Customizable Packages 
      • Customizable Courses 
      • Customizable Pivot Training badges & certificates
      • Hands-on implementation and training

GRowing together

VarCity assists student athletes in understanding that the skills they developed while training for their previous competition is just as valuable in the next arena. They are encouraged to find ways to channel those skills, emotions, disciplines, and traits toward a greater good in order to keep pushing forward to become more than an athlete.

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