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Nearly 8 million student-athletes currently participate in high school sports
in the United States, only 495,000 of them will compete at NCAA schools.


Lack of Community

There is no global student-athlete community.

Lack of Resources

It is hard to find resources for the transitioning student-athlete and their supporters.

Lack of Training

Student-athletes often report a lack of preparedness for life after sport.




Connect.    Explore.     Share.


VarCity provides educational, athletic, career and transfer pathways for
student-athletes to become life-long learners and critical thinkers.


Be the one.

GRowing together

VarCity assists student athletes in understanding that the skills they developed while training for their previous competition is just as valuable in the next arena. They are encouraged to find ways to channel those skills, emotions, disciplines, and traits toward a greater good in order to keep pushing forward to become more than an athlete.

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VarCity isn’t just a platform,
it’s a community.


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