Life After The Field

Would you be surprised if I told you most athletes deal with many issues of depression and anxiety after retirement? If you’re a former athlete you can probably relate. What if I told you that changing some habits and mindsets can put you right in that same space of living to your full potential? In some cases you will discover a new level of motivation and accomplishment than ever before. What this book attempts to do is explain the mental struggles you may be going through as a retiring athlete. It provides clarity by offering solutions based on skills and habits you can apply directly from sports to your life now. I pull directly from my own battles with depression, anxiety and frustration to share a guide to battling through these obstacles. Post retirement depression isn’t a topic that is discussed in the world of athletics but as I’ve discovered is a relevant and mutual sentiment. If you can relate to being aimlessly lost, frequently anxious and unsatisfied with life after your sports career ends, this is the book for you. Take a few moments to dive into this book and get help with understanding your mental state, repositioning your interests and discovering a new side of yourself you may have never knew existed.

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