A one-stop destination for all things sports! An inclusive network leveraging the power of the sports industry to drive positive social change. We strive to empower marginalized populations, promote community engagement, and break the cycles of limited resources and isolation. Through collective action and collaboration, VarCity aims to foster inclusivity, equality, and social impact.




VarCity is designed to connect you with experts, coaches, and fellow athletes who can offer valuable insights and advice. From learning tips and training services to nutrition guidance and mental preparation techniques, our goal is to provide a comprehensive range of resources to help you reach your full potential.

Our network brings people together from diverse backgrounds, united by their love for sports, and offers a range of exciting features to enhance their experience. So, whether you’re here to learn, connect, or simply find motivation, we’re excited to have you join our sports resource network. Let’s embark on this journey together and unlock the power of sports! 


Unleash your voice! A space for fans and supporters to connect with a community; interact and share their passion for sports, create a vibrant forum, captivating blog or share your thoughts and ideas.




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Resources curated for students, athletes, parents, or supporters to discover the ideal services and programs. VarCity is here to help further your ongoing development and growth, both on and off the field.




The VarCity Learning Program™ offers a holistic learning experience.  Whether you’re a student, athlete, parent, coach, or supporter. Discover ways to continue building your skills and knowledge in sports and life.




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Share your job opportunities with the community, or search employers looking for your skills, talents, and qualities.

Parents and supporters can benefit from the VarCity sports resource network in various ways. This includes access to information on different aspects of youth camps and clinics for your athlete, networking opportunities with other parents and supporters, a support system for emotional assistance and encouragement, and the ability to advocate for your athletes interests and address concerns within the sports community.




Parents / Supporters


“I’m a dad who has two multi sport athletes and found the learning, resources, and community support  foundational in bridging the unknowns as a single dad, supporter, fan, nutritionist, motivator, therapist and more with my athletes.”


                                                                                                      – Chris RaAusar

Chief Executive Bucket Pop | @Ra2lilBucketBro’s

“Participating in the learning series gave me a clear vision of what to anticipate when transitioning from a 2-year college to a 4-year institution as a student-athlete. It provided me with a deeper insight into the thrilling path ahead as a student athlete.”

– Maàt Hu Parsons

T&F Hurdle Expert | @FlyfeatherHurdler

“The network was incredibly valuable, especially as African athletes. It offered us valuable insights into what it takes to succeed as students and athletes in the United States. This network has ignited a strong motivation within us, fueling our drive to excel in academics and sports.”

 – Aton & Aten Fyir

Ghanian Elite  | @2ProFubalaz


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